Feather Art
Feather Art


Meet the Artist . . . Feathersmith  : Natalie Mitchell
Natalie Mitchell has been creating art since she was very young.  She was awarded many accolades as a high school student, and her natural talent for color and composition earned her a scholarship to the Atlanta College of Art next to the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.  She has continued her pursuit of the arts through many careers; ranging from graphic artist, to 3-D animator, to becoming the manager of a Local Origination Cable Channel in Birmingham before taking the leap of faith into self-proprietorship.  She and her family currently travel full time with their business, Wild Sage.

As a distinguished artist in the field of Feathersmithing, art comprised of creating beautiful artwork with feathers, Natalie creates originals to represent the balance of energies that bring harmony to the Earth and its inhabitants. Using only natural colored feathers and other organic materials, she makes intricate patterns that are often described as "kaleidoscope-like", reflecting perfect balance and symmetry.   The symbology of animals are another favorite motif; along with dance fans, dreamcatchers, suncatchers, and other feathersmithed items.

Below are a selection of some of Natalie's feather art and a photo of Natalie at work.  You can select an original or get prints of her artwork by coming by our booth at one of the many events we attend throughout the year. Please see SCHEDULE for a listing of upcoming events.  Custom pieces may also be requested by email or phone.



The Jones Museum Project : Moundville, Alabama

Natalie was honored with a commission to make a feather blanket for the Jones Archaeological Museum in Moundville, Alabama, a public park managed by the University of Alabama and dedicated to the ancient Mississippian mound cultures.  When the museum was scheduled for a full renovation in 2008 (completed in the spring of 2011), Natalie was honored with a request to design and execute a replica of a feather blanket cloak for the new museum exhibit.   The completed blanket, was installed and can be viewed in the permanent exhibit.  It has become an integral part of the palanquins segment in the museum's central portion.  The full-scale diarama, inclusive display of artifacts, and multi-media exhibit is a wonderful tribute to the indigenous peoples of the Southestern United Sates.  The museum and research center are a great way for people to learn about and truly appreciate the history and living culture of the Mound Builders.  The Jones Museum dedicated the exhibit in May 2010 and is open for public viewing 7 days per week.  Further commission pieces are in the works and will be announced when the projects are completed.



Below are a few more examples of feathersmithing by Natalie Mitchell:





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